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Confused by the new website layout? Wondering where are all the tutorials have gone? Can’t find the Catalog?  Have no clue what a ‘Subject Guide’ is? Then you’ve come to the right place! Listed below is a break down of all the pages on the library’s website and a short summary of what they contain. Please note that this a topical overview, not a complete list of every page in the website. If you have any questions, please contact the Library’s Webmaster.


The library's homepage may look a little different, but most of the information is still the same. The slide show at the top displays images and information that, when clicked on, sends you to the corresponding news post. For more information on the Library's blog, see the description for Library News, under the FIND heading below.

Below the slideshow is a notification bar where important information is displayed. This will change from time to time and may include announcements or changes to the Library's hours.

Most importantly are the buttons found under the FIND heading on the main page. More detailed descriptions of these pages can be found under the LIBRARY RESOURCES heading below.

Books & E-Books button: access the library's catalog

Journals & Databases: database access portal

Search by Journal Title: formerly Periodical Search

Subject Guides: formerly Library Links

Links found in the Quick Links column are just that. These are pages that are commonly accessed and so to expedite access we included links to the pages on the home page.

Library Hours: deals the hours for both the Greeneville and Knoxville campus libraries.

Library News: links to the Library News page, which displays the 10 most current news postings.

Style Manual Guidelines: links to the page of the same name, which includes links to citation manuals and bibliographic management tools.

Request Forms: links to a page of various request forms (interlibrary loan, reserve, and suggestions)

Ask us!: online form for submitting questions to the library. We love to hear from you!

At the bottom of most pages is a bar with the word TOP to the far right. Click on TOP to go back to the top of the page.


Books & E-Books: This link takes you to the Library's Catalog. You have the choice of viewing the entire catalog or to narrow your search by campus location.

Journals & Databases: Similarly to the previous website, you must choose a campus location to access the databases. Select the appropriate location to go to a listing of the databases (don't worry, both location pages have identical layouts).  Don't panic! All the databases are still there. For ease of access, we've provided buttons that link to our three most comprehensive, multi-disciplinary databases.  If you know the database you wish to access, just click on the appropriate letter range (G-L for JSTOR, or S-Z for Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage). Or, if you don't know which database you need, click on the corresponding subject to get a list of databases to choose from. Clicking on the database name will take you directly to that database.

Search by Journal Title: Formerly Periodical Search, this page allows you to search for a specific journal--NOT individual articles. You can narrow your search by category or browse via the alphabetical listing. There is also an option for searching for keywords in our e-resources. Check out our tutorial on how to use this resource.


Online Library Orientation: These modules are used for the purpose of online Library Orientation. Click on the link to the module to view it.

Subject Guides: Formerly 'Library Links,' the Subject Guides include relevant databases in addition to useful websites. If you have suggestions for additions or new Subject Guides, please contact Crystal Johnson.

Library Research Guides: This page includes various guides and tutorials (Test prep guides, Copyright guides, research tutorials, etc.). Guides & Handouts, Research Tutorials and Garland Library specific tutorials can be found under the corresponding tabs.

Style Manual Guidelines: Links to Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL) and style manuals, as well as EasyBib and other online resources.

Plagiarism Tutorials: List of tutorials on what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

Database Guides: List of tutorials on how to use a specific database. These tutorials are maintained by the database vendors.

Access and Check out E-Books: Step-by-step instructions on how to check out and download e-books, provided courtesy of Milligan College and the e-book vendors, respectively.

Internet Tutorials: Tutorials on how to evaluate websites and develop internet research skills.

Ask Us! : Have a question that isn't answered on our website (or have a question about the website)? You can email us at library@tusculum.edu or use this form.


Comments & Suggestions: Your opinions matter to us, so let us know what you think about our services, website, events, etc.

Recommendation for Purchase: Faculty/Staff use only. This form is for recommending items to the library for purchase.

Request an Article: Can't find the full text of an article in our database? Use this form to request that it be sent from another library.

Request a Book: Need a book that we don't have? Use this form to request that it be sent from another library.

Reserve Request Form: Download, print and fill out this form to place an item on reserve. Please submit completed form and materials to the Circulation Desk.


This page lists the current hours for both the Greeneville and Knoxville locations of the Library. The schedule may change without notice, so please call the appropriate campus location to confirm.


Library Policies & Services: From borrowing to reserve, find our policies here. Reviewed and updated at the end of every school year.

Mission Statement: Library Mission Statement and Goals

Collections & Classification: Details the various collections the library holds and our classification system.

Staff: Contact information for all Library Staff from both Greeneville and Knoxville locations.

Thomas J. Garland: Biography of Thomas J. Garland, for whom the Library was named.

History: History of the Library, from its establishment to current day.

Cooperative Agreements: Details about the cooperative agreements we have with other libraries.

Knoxville Branch: Information about the Knoxville Branch of the library, including links to library hours, directions and contact information.


Need directions to the library? Check out this page, which has a Google Map link, as well as links to the College's Directions page. Also includes maps of the library, for when you get here.


Need to get in contact with us? This page contains the complete contact information for both the Greeneville and Knoxville campus libraries.