Ku Long Ancient 300 x 300

Attention all students!

The library has recently been overrun by small dragons who stopped by to gather information. Unfortunately, some of them got lost and need to find their way back to the Front Desk where they left their treasure. They will gladly share their treasure with whoever finds them and returns them to the Front Desk of the library.

A few rules to the hunt

1. No more than two dragons per student. (This includes both prize and non-prize dragons) No more than one prize per student.

2. Why dragons? Why not. “There are dragons hiding in the library. They came looking for knowledge and got lost. They need to be found.”

3. If you find a prize dragon, go to the front desk in the main lobby and a library staff member will hand out the prize.

4. If you want your picture taken with the big dragon, tell a library staff member or feel free to take pictures yourselves if you would like. Share the picture with us on Facebook!

5. Don’t tell other students where a dragon is if you know its location, they have to look for one or simply stumble across one.

6. Students may keep the dragons they find if they wish. If not, please do not throw them away. Return them to the Front Desk for safe keeping. Remember they have gotten lost and may be scared.

7. Have fun!!!!!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact the library or ask a the Circulation desk.