The Night Tiger

The Night Tiger
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The Night Tiger | by Yangsze Choo | Saturday 2pm EST June 6 – June 27

Michael Bodary
Short Bios of Leader
Michael Bodary is an English professor who focuses more on technical and business writing than literature, but he loves a good book! After completing his doctorate in 2011, he moved to Greeneville to teach at Tusuclum University. His hobbies include cooking, video games, hiking, falconry, and antique cars.

For leisure reading, he generally prefers the science fiction, fantasy, and dystopian genres. The first book he read by himself was Patty Wolcott’s “The Marvelous Mud Washing Machine.” His favorite book in elementary school was J. R. R. Tolkein’s “The Hobbit.” His favorite book in High School was Douglas Adam’s “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” He’s currently reading Madeline Miller’s “Circe.”
Short summary of the book
Malaysia. 1930s.

Ren, an 11-year old houseboy, has only 49 days to fulfill his master’s dying wish: find his missing finger, lost years ago in an accident, within 49 days so his soul will not be cursed to wander the earth forever.

Meanwhile, people in the district are dying under mysterious circumstances, and there’s whispers of men who turn into tigers…

“The Night Tiger” is a book of contrasts: Independence and colonialism, traditional superstition and modern ambition, sibling rivalry and first love–all wrapped up with Chinese folklore and a mystery.