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Journal Articles

 One author

Williams, J. (2008). The victims of crime. Sociology Review, 17(4), 30-32. Retrieved from http://www.philipallan.co.uk/sociologyreview/index.htm

IN TEXT CITATION: (Williams, 2008)


Two authors

Wilens, T. E., & Biederman, J. (2006). Alcohol, drugs, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A model for the study of addictions in youth. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 20, 580-588. doi:10.1177/0269881105058776

IN TEXT CITATION: (Wilens & Biederman, 2006)


Three to five authors

Rocha, C., McCant, F., & White, J. (1999, Spring). Closing time: Workers’ last call. Forum for Applied research and Public Policy, 14 (1), 65 - 69. doi xxxxxxxxx.

IN TEXT CITATION: first time cited (Rocha, McCant, & White, 1999)

subsequent citations (Rocha et al., 1999)


For more than six authors, list the first six followed by et al.

Smith, B., Jones, J., Alexander, G., Loring, A.J., Harrod, V., James, T.R., et al. (2001). A study of the effectiveness of drug prevention programs on the attitudes of adolescent males. Psychology Today, 16 (8), 45-50. doi xxxxxxxxx

IN TEXT CITATION: (Smith et al., 2001)

Journal Article (paginated by issue), more than seven authors

Fuchs, D., Fuchs, L. S., Al Otaiba, S., Thompson, A., Yen, L., McMaster, K. N. Yang, N. J. (2001). K-PALS: Helping kindergartners with reading readiness: Teachers and researchers in partnerships. Teaching Exceptional Children, 33(4), 76-80. Retrieved from http://www.cec.sped.org/content/navigationmenu/publications2/teachingexceptionalchildren/

IN TEXT CITATION: (Fuchs et al., 2001)

Journal article from a database

Kooy, M. & Chiu, A. (1998, November). Language, learning, and literature in the ESL classroom. English Journal, 88 (2), 78-84. Retrieved from Proquest database, Article No. 00138274.

IN TEXT CITATION: (Kooy & Chiu, 1998)

Company or institution as author.

Levi Strauss Inc. (1999, March 15). Levi offers package for laid-off workers. Business Insurance, 47-50. doi xxxxxxxxx

IN TEXT CITATION: (Levi Strauss Inc.,1999)

Article with no author listed:

Will benefits help keep your happy employees happy with you? (2002, March/April). Commercial Law Bulletin, 17, 6-10. doi xxxxxxxxx

IN TEXT CITATION( use short title comprised of first few words in lieu of author): (“Will Benefits,” 2002)

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Books and E-books

Pendergrass, C. L. (1998). Preventing reading difficulties in young children. Washington, DC: National Academy Press. doi: xxxxxxxxx

IN TEXT CITATION: (Pendergrass, 1998)


Book When the Author is also the publisher

National Reading Panel. (1999). Report of the National Reading Panel: Teaching children to read. Washington, DC: Author. doi: xxxxxxxxx

IN TEXT CITATION: (National Reading Panel, 1999)


Electronic Book

Vogel, C. G. (1999). Legends of landforms: Native American lore and the geology of the land [Adobe Reader version]. Retrieved from http://www.netlibrary.com/

IN TEXT CITATION: (Vogel, 1999)

Newpaper Article

Heinlein, G. (2007, July 24). Michigan smoking ban takes big step. Detroit News. Retrieved from http://www.detnews.com

IN TEXT CITATION: (Heinlein, 2007)

Stand-Alone Document, Author Identified

Tarnoff, S. (2000). Study reveals link between employee turnover and lack of customer satisfaction. Retrieved from http://www.hrbub.com/news&analysis/recruitingandstaffing.html

IN TEXT CITATION: (Tarnoff, 2000)

Stand-Alone Document, Author Not Identified, No Date

Time to learn facts and overview. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.timetolearn.org/factsandandorg.html

IN TEXT CITATION: (“Time to Learn,” n.d.)

Report from Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)

Brewster, C., & Railsback, J. (2002). Full-day kindergarten: Exploring an option for extended learning. Retrieved from ERIC database. (ED472733)

IN TEXT CITATION: (Brewster & Railback, 2002)