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All users will need to use their last name and Tusculum ID# as login credentials.

When prompted for a Name/username, enter just your last name (ex: johnson). For the Barcode/password, use the following format: t0000 + 7 digit ID# (example: t00001234567). If your ID# number is only 6 digits (123456), add an additional zero to make the ID# t00000123456. There should be 11 numbers total after the lowercase ‘t’.

Please contact the library with any questions or concerns.

Where can I find my ID#?

Your ID number is the 7 digit number located on your Tusculum ID card. Should you forget your ID card, you can find your number by logging in to WebAdvisor and looking on your transcript. It should also appear on your registration materials. Library staff cannot give out your ID#. Please contact the Registrar’s office if you are still unable find your ID#.

Faculty and staff can also find their ID# on their pay stubs, listed as ‘Employee No.’

If you are employed by the university AND enrolled as a student, use your student ID# to log in if your employee ID# doesn’t work.

I can’t find my ID#, can you give it to me?

To protect your privacy, library staff cannot give out your ID#.

I followed the instructions above and it’s not working. Now what?

If you are unable to log in to the library’s online resources after following the directions above, contact Crystal Johnson:
(423)636-7320, ext. 5801

Please include your name and ID#. Allow 24 hours for a reply.