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Information Science and Library Issues Collection

“This collection, comprised of content from more than 100 leading industry journals, provides current and accurate information for this fast-moving field. Information professionals and other knowledge workers – from the research specialist to the information architect – will find appropriate and useful information in their areas of expertise, including such topics as information infrastructure, data processing techniques, metadata architectures, and more.”

Publisher: Gale Databases (InfoTrac)

Informe Académico

“Esta colección multidisciplinaria provee material iberoamericano confiable de carácter académico, científico y de interés general. Abarca temas tan variados como política, historia, economía, humanidades, ciencias de la salud, filosofía, literatura, ciencia, tecnología y más. INFORME incluye publicaciones de 14 países así como los periódicos más importantes de la región.

“This collection provides multidisciplinary Latin American scientific, academic, and general interest materials. It covers topics as varied as politics, history, economics, humanities, health sciences, philosophy, literature, science, technology and more. INFORME includes publications from 14 countries as well as their most important regional newspapers.”

Publisher: Gale Databases (InfoTrac)


Infotrac I is our gateway to the Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL), a collection of full-text databases from the GaleGroup. Here you will find not only the Academic Onefile and Expanded Academic Index ASAP, but several other useful collections as well: Infotrac Onefile, Business and Company ASAP, the National Newspaper Index, Health Reference Center-Academic, General Reference Center Gold, Informe (Revistas en Espanol), and the Kid’s, Junior, and Student versions of Infotrac. Also, several subject collections are listed including: Professional Collection, General Business File ASAP, Health and Wellness Resource Center, Literature Resource Center and the National Newspaper Index.

Please be advised that Infotrac I is also available at Tennessee Public Libraries, where it may also be employed for free. You may quickly determine the hours of operation and address of your public library through the Directory of Tennessee Public Libraries.

Publisher: Gale Databases


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Continues our subscription to the Business and Company Resource Center. A nice introduction to that business resource can be found here. Also located here is the LegalTrac database. Also included are Gale databases that are designed to supplement the TEL and include Health and Wellness Resource Center and What Do I Read Next, a one-stop source of expert recommendations concerning mainstream or genre fiction and nonfiction book titles in all disciplines.

Publisher: Gale Databases

InfoTrac Newsstand

“InfoTrac Newsstand is an innovative Web-based full-text newspaper database which allows users to search articles instantly by title, headline, date, newspaper section or other assigned fields. Finally, a one-stop source for the day’s news and searchable archives. You can customize your online newspaper database features including search options. With InfoTrac Newsstand, you can search a collection of more than 1,000 newspapers, then select your own screen appearance, search options and results format.”

Publisher: Gale Databases (InfoTrac)

Insurance and Liability Collection

“Protection of assets is a concern for all: from the individual property owner to the multinational corporation, all have a vested interest in ensuring the retention of their assets, be it physical or intellectual. This collection, of journals, takes a broad view of this multimillion dollar industry, covering such topics as labor relations, mortgage banking, legal issues, and more.”

Publisher: Gale Databases (InfoTrac)