Tusculum GPS Masters Papers

Index to MAAE Research Papers 2007-2014*


*All papers are on reserve and must be used in house

The papers are indexed by location, then listed alphabetically by the student’s last name.

Located in Greeneville at the Thomas J. Garland Library Circulation Desk
Student NameTitle
Arbogast, MichelleFactors That Contribute To Students Not Entering College Immediately After High SchoolMAAE-30 2011
Baker, DougThe Effects of Depression and Mental Illness on the Completion of a Four-Year Degree Among Adults in Northeast TennesseeMAAE-23 2009
Coons, AliceTuition Reimbursement Among Companies in Northeast TennesseeMAAE-23 2009
Cox, ElizabethTraining Methods Of Independent Support Coordination Agencies Within East TennesseeMAAE-21 2008
Fabick, Douglas A.Relationship Between Times Trained, Experience, Gender, and Confidence with Advanced Cardiac Life Support MaterialMAAE-25 2010
Gallogly, DanIdentifying Barriers To Successful First Year Retention And Strategies For Overcoming Them At A Small East Tennessee Private CollegeMAAE-31 2014
Gibbons, VivianTeachers’ Perceptions Of The Quality Of Their Teacher Education ProgramMAAE-21 2008
Gillespie, ChanceWays To Encourage Black Males In Higher Education Institutions In Tennessee To Persist Until GraduationMAAE-21 2008
Greenway, RobertaFaculty Perception of Students’ Level of Reflective JudgmentMAAE-23 2009
Hall, Dorothy M.Security Training Being Done in Tri-Cities Tennessee ChurchesMAAE-25 2010
Harrison, KennethExamining the Training Programs of Farmers Supply Cooperatives in Tennessee MAAE-23 2009
Hensley, AnnaUtilization of Instructional Technologies by Faculty in Higher EducationMAAE-30 2011
Jones, JeremyBoys & Girls Club Employee Training’s Impact on The Club MembersMAAE-30 2011
Liston, MelissaStudent Retention: Why Students Withdraw After Their First Year Of CollegeMAAE-21 2008
Long, VickieEmployee Perceptions of Female LeadershipMAAE-30 2011
Maskew, James W. Human Resource Professionals’ Perception of the Importance of Trainers’ Experience in the ProfessionMAAE-25 2010
Mason, Peter J.Correlation Between Veterans’ Service and Their Completion of a Higher Education DegreeMAAE-25 2010
McDonald, StaceyVariables Affecting the Date Students Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)MAAE-25 2010
McIntyre, EricEmployee Motivational StrategiesMAAE-21 2008
McKesson, CherylReinforcing the Effectiveness of Patient Education: Reducing Pre-Cardiac Catheterization AnxietyMAAE-30 2011
Minton, RobertTransformational Leadership Dimensions Encompassed in Resident Training Programs in Mid-Atlantic Higher Education InstitutionsMAAE-31 2014
Mitchell, RobbieA Statewide Correlation of K-12 Student Achievement and Funding Allocated for Professional Development in Public School DistrictsMAAE-23 2009
Moss, TaraMotivation Techniques Used With Customer Service Workers in Greeneville, TennesseeMAAE-25 2010
Nelson, Drew J.Effectiveness Of Teacher Training At A Rural School In East TennesseeMAAE-25 2010
Oaks, MelanieTeachers’ Perceptions Of Current In-Service Training And Their Preferred Method For TrainingMAAE-21 2008
Phillips, PerryMentoring Programs’ Relationship To Retention Of Registered NursesMAAE-21 2008
Porter, AaronExamining The Formal Training Programs Of Greene County, Tennessee CompaniesMAAE-21 2008
Richey, SuzanneAssessing Reflective Thinking In Reflective Assignments Designed For College StudentsMAAE-31 2014
Seal, LindseyBarriers Non-Traditional Students Face When Returning to CollegeMAAE-31 2014
Shipley, Terry L.Organizations That Assist Incarcerated Women for Reentry Into SocietyMAAE-25 2010
Sieber, RobertFunctional Ability of Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress DisorderMAAE-23 2009
Sprague, PaulaClassroom Management SkillsMAAE-21 2008
Talbot McDermott, CarynNon-Work Related Adult Education In The Tri-Cities Area Of Northeastern TennesseeMAAE-25 2010
Thompson, Stephen A.Perceptions of Technology Use in the Classroom on the Transfer of KnowledgeMAAE-25 2010
Waddell, AmandaPersonality Characteristics of Politically Active College StudentsMAAE-30 2011
Wheelok, KeytonThe Use And Effectiveness Of Visualization Training Among College And Professional Athletic TeamsMAAE-30 2011
Whittenburg, PamelaExamining The Level Of Fraud Awareness Of Greene County Tennessee ResidentsMAAE-30 2011
Whittenburg, RickyStress Management Techniques for Debt CollectorsMAAE-30 2011
Wilhoit, VictorCommunity College Students’ Attitudes Toward Their Institution’s Orientation ProgramMAAE-21 2008
Located in Tusculum College's Kingsport Center in the Site Director's office
Belton, DerrickThe Use of Social Networking Sites’ Effect on College Students’ Academic PerformanceMAAE-28 2011
Breeding, CrystalEmployee Educational Reimbursement Programs In Southwest VirginiaMAAE-20 2007
Brockwell, SharonThe Importance Of Teacher Training And Student Evaluations For Post-Secondary Faculty MAAE-28 2011
Brown, KenThe Impact of Training on Furnace Downtime At An East Tennessee CompanyMAAE-20 2007
Cruby, StephanieEmployee Perception Of The Performance Development Review Process At A Northeast Tennessee CompanyMAAE-28 2011
Heaton, Karen A. Family Perceptions of Controlled Access in a Critical Care Unit: The Emerging Role of the AdvocateMAAE-20 2007
Henson, Jamie R.Cognitive Retention In E-Learning Versus Instructor-Led Training At An East Tennessee CompanyMAAE-28 2011
Hicks, Stephen L.Assessing Training in the Trucking IndustryMAAE-28 2011
Likens, AllenPerceptions Of IPOD Technology In Corporate TrainingMAAE-20 2007
Mann, Tamara D.Computer Skills Of NursesMAAE-20 2007
Newland, EmilyEffective Training Techniques for Groups at a Dual Diagnosis Inpatient Treatment CenterMAAE-20 2007
Quillen, VictorBurnout and the Impact of Education in the Field of Human ServicesMAAE-28 2011
Smith, RobinThe Effectiveness of One-Step Lessons Among Packaging Services EmployeesMAAE-28 2011
Tankersley, RebeccaExamining Resources And Factors Affecting Retention Rates Among First-Generation College StudentsMAAE-28 2011
Thomas, Jana GayleReasons Nontraditional Students Attend Vocational SchoolsMAAE-20 2007
Whittenburg, Diane LovennaEmployees’ Opinions of the Effectiveness of On-The-Job Training in Comparison to Classroom Training in a Residential Treatment SettingMAAE-20 2007
Located in Tusculum College's Knoxville Center Library
Aukerman, CurtisA Study of Support for a Critical Care Paramedic Training Program at Chattanooga State Technical Community CollegeMAAE-18 2006
Cardillo, MelissaRelationship Between Generational and Technological Acceptance Factors in Training via Asynchronous E-LearningMAAE-27 2010
Cippele, CynthiaComparison of Classroom Instruction and Web Based Instruction for Teaching Declarative KnowledgeMAAE-27 2010
Clevenger, SueEmployees' Preferences for Learning and Training Delivery ModesMAAE-18 2006
Damos, EmilieThe Implications of Assessing Personality Types in a Retail EnvironmentMAAE-27 2010
Graham, MelesiaAn Analysis of Employee Learning Styles and Sense of Classroom Community During Web-Based InstructionMAAE-29 2011
Harrison, ShayneAn Analysis of Perceived Adult Education Principles in Tennessee Massage Therapy Certification Training ProgramsMAAE-18 2006
Housley, SusanTennessee Higher Education Students' Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Distant EducationMAAE-18 2006
Jackson, LaKeithaBurnout and the Impact of Education in the Field of Human ServicesMAAE-29 2011
Legg, LisaMedical Dosimetry Training at Chattanooga State Technical Community College: A Needs Assessment and Collaboration InvestigationMAAE-18 2006
McPherson, StacieThe Effects of Learning Styles and Online Learning Effectiveness and the Development of Online Courses to Meet the Needs of Various Learning StylesMAAE-18 2006
Potter, DorotaLearning Styles and Satisfactory Online Training Delivery ModeMAAE-29 2011
Satterfield, KellyAn Examination of Personal Watercraft Accidents in the State of TennesseeMAAE-18 2006
Satterfield, LisaAn Examination of What Deters and What Would Motivate Imaging Technologists to Become Educators in the Imaging SciencesMAAE-18 2006
Smith, AlvaReading Strategies, Preferences, and Habits of Literate and Low-Literate AdultsMAAE-29 2011
Strong, JaleeceCollege Adult Educators Utilizing Andragogic ApproachMAAE-18 2006
York, DustyA Needs Assessment Study for the Implementation of a Positron Emission Tomography Program at Chattanooga State Technical Community CollegeMAAE-18 2006
Located in Tusculum College's Morristown Center in the Site Director's Office
Coleman, KristiThe Prevalence and Treatment of Migraines in Children in Morristown, TennesseeMAAE-26 2010
Cunningham, ReinaTuition Reimbursement Programs Among Industries in Northeast TennesseeMAAE-26 2010
Earls, ConnieAttitudes of the Students at a Community College in East Tennessee Concerning Developmental EducationMAAE-17 2006
Gregg, ChaddBenefits of Technical Training, Education, and Skills to Employees of an East Tennessee Manufacturing FacilityMAAE-17 2006
Horton, MitchellEffectiveness of Psychotropic Medications in Comparison to a Strong Family Support System in Treating Mental IllnessMAAE-26 2010
Miller, GreggPhysical Fitness Standards for EMS Employees in Tennessee and Their Effect on Job Performance and InjuriesMAAE-17 2006
Mulholland, DonnaPerceptions of Motel Employers Regarding the Need for Basic Skills for Gaining and Retaining Jobs in Sevier County, TennesseeMAAE-17 2006
Newton, BrendaEducators' Knowledge of their Own Learning Styles and How Well They Adjust Their Teaching Styles for Their StudentsMAAE-17 2006
Parr, DavidIdentification of Potential Training Needs of Hourly Employees of a Northeast Tennessee Manufacturing FacultyMAAE-17 2006
Strange, TimEffects of an Academic Assessment on Faculty in a Southern CollegeMAAE-17 2006
Watson, TonyDrug Abuse Within Tennessee Emergency Medical ServicesMAAE-17 2006
Williams, CharlieBlended Teaching Styles' Effects on Student Engagement at a Tennessee Community CollegeMAAE-17 2006